017 How To Stop Objectifying and Oogling with Craig Perra of The Mindful Habit


C’mon bro, you gotta’ listen to this episode!

Craig Perra, life coach and founder of The Mindful Habit method of porn and sex addiction recovery, returns to teach a lesson from his exclusive online course on the stubborn habit of objectifying and oogling.

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • How to simply define a habit
  • Why Matt needs to be more mindful on the morning commute
  • What a-ha moment came to Craig through Hannibal Lector
  • Why it’s important to become aware of what we are oogling (and what we are missing)
  • What three steps you can use to stop the habit of objectifying and oogling
  • Why we need tools in the fight against porn addiction

Craig was generous enough to share an awareness exercise on objectifying and oogling.  This is the same download he provides his paying clients.

Download How To Stop Objectifying & Oogling (pdf)

Working with Craig:
Use my affiliate link for The Mindful Habit to purchase the video program. I have personally checked out the modules and I recommend the video plan because it includes weekly webinars with direct access to Craig. Awesome stuff!


Click Here to Download the Transcript for Episode 017 (PDF)

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